League Rules

Playing Rules: (updated 3/18/16)

a. Lancaster-Lebanon Golf League is entirely of the Tournament variety. Consequently the word tournament will replace match in all rule descriptions. Competitions shall consist of stroke play and USGA rules pertaining to stroke play shall be observed.

b. In all section and League tournaments a maximum of six (6) players may compete for each school. The lowest four scores for each school will be tallied and the team with the lowest four (4) person score shall claim victories over all the other competing teams in the tournament. The team with the second lowest four (4) man score shall incur one (1) loss but shall claim victories over all the other teams it beats and so on.


STEP #1:-Utilize the fifth player’s score from the teams tied.

STEP #2-Utilize the sixth player’s score from the teams tied.

STEP #3:-Have a hole by hole team playoff starting on Hole #1 - if available! Utilize the lowest five player scores per hole for a team total. The sixth Player’s score will serve as the tie breaker! (Play will be in Threesomes.)

c. Team standing within the section is based on the cumulative total of teams beaten in section tournaments as compared to losses or ties incurred, so that a team with a record of 29 wins and 2 losses for instance, shall rank higher than a team with 27 wins and 3 losses, regardless of the number of first place finishes. Teams that tie with the exact record will be considered co-champions.

d. Every effort must be made to finish 18 holes. A section tournament is considered complete after all players have finished the same nine- (9) holes. If all players have finished the same 10, 11, or 12 holes then those holes must be counted.

e. Competitions that complete few than the same 9 holes MUST be rescheduled.

f. USGA rules shall govern play at all section and League tournaments. Although impossible in all cases, every effort shall be made to avoid modifying the USGA rules to accommodate local situations. PIAA rules naturally supersede all other rules. “Summer rules” must be played in all league tournaments, unless the course/Committee specifies otherwise on the day of the tournament. Local rules, aka ‘Notice to Players or Competitors’ shall be written by the host school and be distributed to all players and coaches.

g. If a PGA professional is on duty at the host course, he or she may be called on for “advice “ on questions of rules; however, it is always the sole responsibility of each Tournament’s “Committee” (specifically defined by the League Tournament chairperson or otherwise considered to be all the coaches of the participating teams at Section Tournaments) to decide all rulings. As stated by the USGA rules, all decisions by the committee are final.

h. Anytime a rule infraction does occur, the player shall inform his fellow competitors immediately. Where uncertainty or disagreement exists, the situation shall be referred to the Committee for an official ruling. Players are advised to hand in a complete score card properly signed and attested; but once again the Committee is the official arbiter of all circumstances involving Section and League Tournament play and no situation is final until the Committee approves it. It is important to note that in some cases, a breach of the Rules can disqualify a player in stroke play events if they do not rectify the error BEFORE teeing off on the next hole. Therefore, if a player has a question as to how to proceed, he should seek a member of the Committee for a decision.

i. The use of Distance Measuring Devices will follow PIAA rules. The use of cell phones in prohibited at all times during the round.

j. Spectators: See PIAA rules and LL Spectator Decorum below

k. Absolutely no possession or use of tobacco, tobacco products, alcohol or controlled substances by players, coaches or spectators at the sites of Section or League tournaments.

l. The host coach shall make official report of Tournament results to local newspapers.

m. All golf contestants are required to wear appropriate golf attire (i.e. golf shirt with collar, golf slacks or golf shorts). No exceptions are permitted. T-shirts, altered apparel, jeans, cut-off shorts or short shorts will not be permitted. The school’s name and/or school’s logo are permitted on the front and/or back of the golf shirt with a collar. Sweaters and/or jackets will be permitted when necessitated by weather conditions. Shirts should be tucked in and hats worn facing forward, at all times.

n. Unacceptable behavior by golfers will not be tolerated. such as: throwing clubs, abusive language, willful acts which endanger property or equipment and other unbecoming conduct. If the behavior persists, a report should be made to the Tournament Committee which may determine by vote if a two stroke penalty should be assessed to the player. Repeated/flagrant violations could result in the players disqualification.

If a player is disqualified for un-sportsman like conduct, the player will be disqualified for the following section tournament (match), and if the last section tournament of the season, the player will be disqualified from the league tournament. Coaches shall inform players of these rules prior to each tournament and match.

Spectator Decorum (for Section and League Tournament play):

a. Spectators will be permitted to walk the course behind the contestants during competition but may do so under the following conditions:

1. Do not offer comments or make suggestions to the competitors. No Coaching.

2. Do not observe play closer than 25 yards behind the group of competitors being observed.

3. Do not cross over or observe play from teeing areas, fairways or putting greens.

4. Do not move or talk when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

5. Do not attempt to decide questions of fact or attempt to apply the Rules of golf.

6. Spectators may assist in the search for lost golf balls but shall not act as fore caddies for players.

7. Spectator cart policy:

The LL golf league/coaches believe in and will enforce a “No Spectator Cart” policy at all section tournaments.

The only exception to this rule will be the following:

If a physically handicapped spectator is in need of assistance in order to view the match, all effort will be made by the host coach to place an individual in need of a cart with one of the match markers so that they may ride along with the marker to observe the match.

In the event that arrangements can’t be made for an individual to ride in a cart with a marker, it will be left to the discretion of the host coach and host course to decide whether to allow a physically disabled individual to use a cart for that day’s tournament.

The spectator cart exception should be used after attempting to accommodate a physically disable spectator by placing them in a cart with a marker. There are no other circumstances under which spectator carts should be issued.


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